Here to guide you through trading the financial markets, this five part video series covers the TradingFM Shares to Buy strategy with topics ranging from developing a BIG picture view of the world right down to executing your trading ideas. All the video content is broken down into manageable bite size chunks so you have the freedom to review specific sections with ease.

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This website is in its early stage of development so the content available is here to get you warmed up by sharing the strategy used to generate trading ideas.

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This video will provide you with a complete overview of the TradingFM strategy used to trade the financial markets. Covering the four key stages of this strategy you will learn about the importance of getting an understanding of world GDP, how to choose what sectors to explore when wanting to buy shares, what to consider when selecting the best stocks to buy and lastly why you should be spread trading.

Once you know the importance of world GDP you are going to want to know how to anticipate growth in GDP which is exactly what is discussed in this video. Going in depth into the leading economic indicators and demonstrating the resources available to you.

Now you have perspective, choosing a sector you believe will outperform the markets is the next step. This video shows you how to break down your analysis of the stock markets by classification and sector type which makes sector selection a whole lot easier.

What makes a good stock good and how do you compete with thousands of financial professionals all spend their working hours analysing stocks, well this video is going to discuss a “standard” yet widely misinterpreted metric you can use to work smart, not hard.

The first priority for any trader should be capital preservation and you need to know how to mitigate market risk when trading shares. This video is going to introduce you to the concept of spread trading which in short is an approach to trading that allows you to hedge and remove the concern of a financial market crash.


Downloadable content discussed: 

Spread Trade Worksheet

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